How to Measure a Male Dog for a Belly Band?

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Measure your dog right- part 2

We are going to learn how to measure a Dog correctly for a male Dog Diaper, which is more commonly known as a Belly Band.

The tools we will need for the job are a soft sided measuring tape which you can get at any sewing store or alternatively you could also use a piece of string and a ruler or measuring tape to measure the string.  Alfie is our helper today in the video.  We take our measuring tape and wrap it around Alfie’s mid-section, far enough forward to cover the penis, the area where the protection is needed.

NOTE: This is different than the female diaper, because with the female diaper we are just in front of the rear leg and with the male dog we are measuring up a bit further than that. 

Do not pull the measuring tape too tight, you need to leave room for the pad.  All Belly Bands need pads, even if they say that they are waterproof, this does not mean that they do not need a pad.  The pad absorbs the urine.



Reference below size chart to pick a right size dog diaper for your male dog:

Male Belly Band Size Chart

Feel free to email me your questions or leave a comment below.

Happy Measuring 🙂

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