Safety Tips for Your Pet on Halloween

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is fast approaching and we thought that we would send out a few friendly reminders to keep out pets safe during this chocolate holiday. Here is a short list of some of the top things to look out for ;

Have all chocolate, candy and sweets kept well away from the reach of your pet.

Attention to how the costume is fitting your pet – not to tight or overly constricting and make sure that the costume is not going to overheat your pet.

Look to make sure your pet can see well and that their eyes are not covered with the costume.

Leashes are a great idea for keeping your pet well secured and safe at all times.

Only you can make sure all of your Halloween decorations have the wires safely tucked out of reach for your pet to not get into.

While Pumpkin is a safe and healthy food choice for your pet, it is wise to not let them overindulge on raw or cooked pumpkin – this could cause serious stomach upset and diarrhea.

Even though your pet may be used to lots of company and people being around, it can be easy for your pet to become over stimulated, so keep it ….

Easy for your pet and have a safe place for them to retreat to if they need it.

Need more tips and tricks? Visit your local Humane Society’s web page for additional information.

If your Female Dog is in their heat cycle for Halloween, use one of our Dog Diapers to keep her safe.

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